Colin Key

Hi! I'm Colin. I'm a developer of (mostly) pretty things. I have a passion for making things and making things better. I'm a big fan of JavaScript & React as well as a Python hobbyist with a few other skills sprinkled in.

I'm always interested in hearing from new people and am actively looking for new opportunities. Whether you're looking to team up and make something great or just to say hi, get in contact.

Education & Experience

I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2016 with an Associate in Science Information Technology

As a student of Treehouse , I've accumlated over 12,000 points for courses completed with nearly 5000 in JavaScript. This includes completing the learning tracks of Learn React and Front End Web Development

I have professional experience in software implementation, project management, and graphic design.

Recent Projects

Job Hunter

HTML CSS JavaScript React Firebase
See it in action! GitHub Repo

Looking for a new job is hard. For most people, there will be many applications that go out and keeping track of them can be difficult - but important. Designed to keep track of job applications that have been submitted and each applications status to be tracked, Job Hunter aims to make the job hunt just a little bit easier.

Job Hunter is built with ReactJS on the front-end and powered by Firebase Cloud Firestore on the backend. Users can sign up and being tracking their job applications immediately. Details about the job including application status, perks and benefits, and contact information are saved for each application to allow for application specfic tracking and follow-ups to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

Recent Pens

See the Pen Author Info Card by Colin Key ( @ckey1010) on CodePen.

See the Pen Magic 8 Ball by Colin Key ( @ckey1010) on CodePen.